Since the mid-90’s Dantzler’s Import Division has been in a constant state of growth.  From early days representing an imported line of product from Colombia into South Florida, we now have extensive distribution of forest products throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Today Dantzler focuses on lumber and forest products from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and Spain.  We are truly tapped into the global supply market. 

Dantzler’s focus is building long-term relationships with suppliers around the world.  This in turn enables us to offer our customers quality products at the most competitive prices and to keep those customers supplied and well serviced as they compete in their challenging markets.

In order to continue our growth in the US market, we opened a commercial office in California, a purchasing office in Argentina, and two purchasing offices in Brazil.  In the near future we will also open two new offices in Russia and China.  Our network of international staff is involved in purchasing, grading, inspecting, warehousing and shipping products around the globe.  Dantzler prides itself on our professional and dedicated staff who brings value and service to our customers every day.

Dantzler’s strength is to always have material at hand.  Inventories are held at strategic port locations throughout the United States and Canada.  To provide an additional level of service Dantzler also operates reload warehouses to get material as close as possible to the end-user.  These warehouses provide customer pick-up and delivery services by truck and railcar, and help provide access to the entire country.  Our flexible approach to the inventory management through futures purchasing and just-in-time spot market buying means Dantzler is always right on the mark in our pricing.

Dantzler’s core import products include plywood panels and composite panels.  For example, we are one of the largest importers of TECO certified rated panels from Brazil.  We offer appearance-grade pine boards to the large home centers and Brazilian flooring and decking and other specialty products.  But that’s not all.  Dantzler is a major provider of the finest Russian Birch plywood from some of Russia’s principal mills.  And in Asia, our established relationships with only the finest Chinese manufacturers has helped us become a leading supplier of high-quality Chinese plywood and composite panels.  Our global reach maintains Dantzler as a key supplier to the North and Central American markets and the Caribbean basin. 

Our customer base is diverse - from retail-lumber yards, through treaters and manufacturers to laminators and wholesalers.  With all this heritage and experience behind us, what can Dantzler do for you today?